Pet sitting

At Kat’s Care, we offer attentive pet sitting in your home, ensuring your dog stays comfortable and happy in their familiar surroundings.

Quality, Reliability, Brilliance


In-home service to maintain your pet’s routine in their familiar environment, reducing stress and providing peace of mind.


Tailor-made plans focusing on each pet’s unique needs and routines, ensuring personalized attention and comfort.


Our team comprises passionate and trained pet lovers, dedicated to providing top-notch emotional and physical care.


What services are included in pet sitting, and can they be customized to my pet's needs?
Pet sitting typically includes feeding, walking, playtime, and medication administration if needed. Yes, services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and routine of your pet for personalized care.
Our pet sitters are carefully selected based on their experience and love for animals. They undergo thorough training in pet care, safety, and emergency procedures to ensure the highest standard of service.
Absolutely! We provide regular updates through texts, photos, or emails, allowing you to stay connected and reassured about your pet’s well-being while you’re away.
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