Meet & Greet

Experience a personalized and reassuring introduction to our service with our Meet n’ Greet session, where you and your pet can comfortably get acquainted with our dedicated caregiver, ensuring a perfect match for your pet’s needs and your peace of mind.

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This session offers reassurance and builds confidence in our services, ensuring you feel secure and comfortable leaving your pet in our capable hands.


A chance for you and your pet to become acquainted with our caregiver in a relaxed, familiar environment, ensuring a comfortable and trusting relationship from the start.


During the Meet n’ Greet, we discuss your pet’s habits, preferences, and any special care instructions, allowing us to provide a customized care experience that best suits your pet’s unique personality.


What is the purpose of a Meet n' Greet and how does it benefit my pet?
The Meet n’ Greet is designed to introduce your pet to our caregiver in a familiar and stress-free setting. This initial meeting helps ensure that your pet feels comfortable and safe with the caregiver, and it allows the caregiver to understand your pet’s unique personality and needs, ensuring a more personalized and effective care experience.
A typical Meet n’ Greet session lasts about 20-30 minutes. It’s helpful to have your pet’s favorite treats, toys, and any specific care items ready, so the caregiver can familiarize themselves with what comforts and engages your pet. Also, be prepared to discuss your pet’s routine, dietary needs, behavior, and any special instructions.
The Meet n’ Greet is a complimentary part of our service, with no additional cost. While it’s not mandatory, we highly recommend it to ensure the best fit between your pet and our caregiver, and to provide you with peace of mind about the quality of care your pet will receive.
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